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Our technology pushes boundaries of possibility but it is the people behind the robots that make the impossible a reality.

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DebraAnn is constantly striving to challenge industry norms to create change and growth. She utilises Big Data to create strategies and provide solutions to complex problems. Her expertise in data and technology, combined with her empowering and innovative approach places her perfectly as a leader at Ocean Infinity.

“DebraAnn is a leader who inspires her team to constantly strive for excellence in growing a data driven company.”



Josh is an innovator who continuously drives the company to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Josh is always working on new ways to innovate and expand the company’s tech and data capabilities. No one before has deployed marine robots at the same scale and Josh’s leadership taken the seemingly impossible and made it a reality.

“Josh is a dedicated, forward thinking manager and inspiring team player. I really enjoy working with him.”



Oliver is a curious and creative leader who provides a refreshing and more original perspective to an antiquated industry. Oliver is driven by a strong sense of justice and is still in touch with relatives of those from wreck searches that Ocean Infinity conducted. He cares about the people he works with.

“Oliver has challenged and innovated the industry, while also placing the right thing to do at the heart of decision making.”

Holly Ewart

Holly genuinely cares about how we operate on and within our oceans and is driven to see how we can deliver greener, cleaner solutions for our clients. She is also dedicated to finding way to ensure that the company can deliver on reducing its carbon emissions.

“Holly is committed to doing the right thing. She is always looking for ways to engage individuals on the importance of sustainability.”



Dan has been pivotal in leading the design, build and delivery of Ocean Infinity’s Armada fleet. He is constantly striving to surpass anything that has been done before, which has seen the successful launch of the lowest emission fleet of marine robots the industry has seen.  Dan has been and continues to be at the forefront of innovation within the world of unmanned robotic ships.

“Dan is a driver who delivers excellent outcomes that push industry standards.” 

Our Core Teams


The offshore team are responsible for ensuring that our pioneering technology is operated safely and efficiently. We operate smoothly and work as a team to produce the highest quality products for our clients. Join us as we operate change.


The operations team ensure that we can operate around the globe, effectively delivering high-quality results to our clients. We ensure that company can map the sea floor at an unprecedented scale and speed. The operations team are fast, forward thinkers who work


The technical team are leading experts in sub-sea explorative technology. If you are curious and want to push boundaries by advancing autonomous technical capabilities, then Ocean Infinity is the place for you. Join us as we create change.


The commercial team are responsible for driving the growth of Ocean Infinity. We have a very exciting mission as we innovate and disrupt the sea bed intelligence space through innovative engagements with a very diverse group of clients all over the world. Join us as we drive change.

Join our Team

Take a look at our latest videos to see what our team love about working at Ocean Infinity.


We thrive in action, relish change and are inspired, motivated and enthusiastic.


We employ people who know when to make tough calls, who have a competitive edge and will to win.


We strive to be a team who put decisions into action, pushing them forward to completion despite unexpected obstacles.


We are genuinely excited about work and care about colleagues winning. We employ teams who love to learn and grown and thrive from seeing people around them do the same.

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