We're using innovative technology to transform operations at sea, enabling people and the planet to thrive.

Our Marine Robotics
Armada Fleet

Our robotic ships revolutionise the acquisition of ocean data by using innovative, totally unmanned, low emission fleet robotics that can be launched from even the remotest shorelines on the globe.
Sustainably providing answers at scale.

Our Marine Robotics
Infinity Fleet

Our autonomous underwater vehicles are the world’s most advanced autonomous robots operating in the oceans worldwide: acquiring, analysing and expanding our unrivalled knowledge of the seafloor.
Sustainably providing answers at scale.

Data Portal

An unrivalled library of global Seabed Intelligence that is second to none. Our data is collected faster than peers due to our pioneering fleet  methodology. Vast amounts of ocean data is available at your fingertips.

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Our projects

We've successfully completed many projects, discover our latest work here.

Our projects
About us

We can provide answers for anyone needing information from the ocean and seabed.

About Us
Our values

The environment, education, safety and innovation.

Our Values

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