Offshore data acquisition with minimal environmental impact

We use the latest remote and robotic technology to provide seabed data acquisition, asset integrity and geotechnical sampling services.

Our services are playing an important role in the global energy transition; we’re proud to support the growing renewables sector providing clean energy to millions of homes.

While the need remains for traditional, non-renewable energy, we support the oil and gas sector with environmentally responsible services to minimise the environmental impacts of their operations.

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Enabling a
net zero future

We’re at a pivotal time in the battle against climate change. The energy industry is striving for ways to lessen environmental impacts of operations.

We’re powering a transformational alternative to traditional operations at sea to enable operators to dramatically reduce their environmental impact. Through the use of remote and robotic technology we’re transforming data acquisition and inspection operations to provide a low-emission, safer alternative.

Today we operate a hybrid model of robotics alongside fuel-efficient conventional vessels. But, we’re beginning the transition away from conventional vessels with the development of hybrid and ammonia powered uncrewed and ‘optionally crewed’ robotic ships, ‘Armada’. 


Our People

Today, our team is made up of more than 500 technology and data specialists, spread among competences such as uncrewed vessel operators, ROV pilots, AUV operators, robotics engineers, payload specialists,  data processors, surveyors, oceanographers, hydrographers.