Using technology to

transform operations at sea

We envisage a time, in the not too distant future, where remote and lean-crewed operations at sea, will overtake conventional crewed operations.


We’re innovating to make remote ship operations a true reality.

A one-world view of remote operations at sea in a real-time, digital environment.
Unlocking safe, secure and effective remote operations and data collection, globally.

Fleet management

A real-time, digital environment integrating individual platform control systems, navigation and data, to provide a one-world view of remote operations at sea.

Remote control centres

A network of globally located centres with a team of mariners and data acquisition specialists executing the control and supervision of robotic ships and payload systems.

Robotic ships

Our very own ‘Armada’ of lean-crewed and uncrewed ships, custom built for a variety of offshore tasks spanning offshore energy, logistics, defence and science.

Smaller uncrewed vessels

We operate our own fleet of smaller uncrewed vehicles (USVs) capable of operation as standalone units or as force multipliers from Armada ships or conventional ships.

Underwater robotics

We have the largest fleet of deep-water AUVs in the world, and we also operate a variety of work-class ROVs.

Alternative fuels

We’re developing a zero emission marine propulsion system for the larger Armada ships to enable clean-fuel operations.

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