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AUVs in fleets

Ocean Infinity achieves a world first, once again setting industry standards. Ocean Infinity was the first company in the industry to pioneer the use of multiple AUVs deployed from a single vessel; improving efficiency and reducing costs at the early phases of field development design.

How Ocean Infinity Helped

This efficiency was demonstrated through a considerable reduction of carbon emissions, produced onboard waste, garbage and man hours. A clear demonstration of Ocean Infinity’s ongoing innovation, and a great desire to be spearheading new technologies and methods. The project was executed successfully and resulted in a number of industry firsts, including near real-time route selection by client pipeline engineers based onshore. During the AUV survey, the vessel was able multi-task collecting ROV video of seabed anomalies, velocity measurements and inspection of existing pipelines.

Using a single-vessel, multiple AUV configuration demonstrated the ability to survey large areas of seabed at high-resolution to simplify route evaluation and save cost compared to single-AUV operations. It was synonymous with Ocean Infinity’s desire to challenge industry norms, and to constantly strive to find safer, more efficient ways to operate, to be able to provide a higher level of service to clients. It is yet another ‘industry first’ for Ocean Infinity, and certainly a landmark moment in the Company’s history.

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