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Head of HSE on safety at Ocean Infinity

Ocean Infinity is committed to safe and reliable outcomes across all organizational and project activities.

How Ocean Infinity Helped

Head of HSE, Dan Slattery

We uphold our commitment to ensuring the safest outcomes by:

- Supporting teammates to ensure as many things go well as possible;
- Establishing consistent, systematic, and reliable methods for work that affects teammates and stakeholders;
- Achieving our vision of an organizational culture marked by employee engagement, learning, innovation, and resilience;
- Identifying our role in ensuring work activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner, while recognizing the importance of treating employees and stakeholders with respect and dignity; and,
- Complying with legal requirements and other requirements and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

The Ocean Infinity management system has been developed, implemented, and maintained in order to support continuous improvement of the organization and to enable the five key principles of our safety philosophy:

1. Variability and uncertainty are inherent in complex work;
2. Expert operators are sources of reliability;
3. A systems view is necessary to understand and manage complex work;
4. It is necessary to understand “normal work”; and,
5. Focus on what we want: to create quality, safety, and environmental stewardship through reliable outcomes.

Safety isn’t something we make; we can’t manufacture safety like we provide a service to our clients.  Safety isn’t a destination; it’s not a place we arrive if we’ve followed a map.  Safety is a property of an organization that is resilient and adaptive. 

The challenge for Ocean Infinity, and any organization, is to create and sustain a learning environment in which we endeavour to improve our ability to anticipate issues, monitor and scan from problems, and create the capacity necessary for the organization to deliver sustainable and reliable performance in both expected and unexpected conditions and environments.

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