The Armada fleet revolutionises the acquisition of ocean data by using innovative, low emission fleet technology that can be launched from any shoreline on the globe.


We can serve a wide variety of client needs even in the most remote locations. Our unmanned robots can be easily transported by sea, air and land transport. Each vessel has been specifically designed to ensure we can rapidly deploy our fleet anywhere on the globe.



Armada does not require anyone to be sent offshore. This is a step change in safety by keeping people physically out of harms way. We comply with and are helping to further enhance industry codes of practice. We are also developing positive relationships with national coastguards and associated bodies as we spearhead the deployment of robotic shipping.


Our marine robots use hybrid technology to offer a significant saving in CO2 emissions. An Armada robot emits up to 90% less CO2 than a conventional survey vessel. In certain applications we will be able to run fully electric, completely emission free.


Unmanned systems operating 24/7, globally available and uploading data to control centres and experts onshore allow us to quickly and confidently provide you with results. Operating as fleets or individuals, Armada robots will gather data rapidly, efficiently and with levels of redundancy for peace of mind.