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We operate fleets of marine robots to expand our knowledge of the oceans.

Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company that deploys autonomous robots, typically in fleet formation, to obtain large amounts information from the oceans and seabed.

Our History

The founders created the company in 2017 believing that different autonomous technologies could be combined to gather and analyse data from our oceans.

Today, the company serves a wide variety of market segments, including the energy sector, renewables, subsea cables, governments and navies. We seek to provide answers for anyone needing information relating to oceans and the seabed.

Our team was formed in 2017 by a small team who were driven to transform ideas into reality, and to ensure that the company adopted a culture of curiosity, challenge and innovation throughout its divisions. An environment has been created that is built on trust, careful decision making and an ability to manage and manipulate large amounts of data.

Our core belief is that the seemingly impossible can be achieved with innovative, creative thinkers and cutting-edge technology have remained at the heart of the company. Ocean Infinity is a place where creativity and innovation flourish. The team are constantly developing the most cutting-edge technology and advanced data handling capabilities in order to remain at the forefront of the industry.


Marine Robotics

We have pioneered the use of simultaneously deploying fleets of marine robots to gather high quality information from large areas of the ocean at unprecedented speeds.

We operate two robotic fleets; the Armada fleet and the Infinity fleet. Our Infinity fleet is made up of fourteen autonomous underwater vehicles that are currently operating in oceans globally. Our Armada fleet will initially comprise of fifteen robotic ships that will be operational by the end of 2020. Our fleets are equipped with cutting edge sensors and navigation technology and are capable of operating down to 6,000 meters depth.

Not only do we deliver outcomes faster and at higher quality than anyone else, but we do so with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Carbon Neutral

At Ocean Infinity we are committed to using technology and innovation to ensure that we operate on and within our oceans in the most environmentally responsible way.

Our Armada fleet will be the world’s first carbon neutral shipping fleet. Our robotic ships use hybrid technology and will emit up to 90% less CO2 than a conventional survey vessel. In certain applications we will be able to run fully electric, completely emission free. Any remaining carbon emissions that are produced as a result of Armada operations will be sequestered via approved programs.

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our business and we are dedicated to creating more sustainable solutions in order to protect our oceans.

Autonomous Shipping

Our Armada fleet represents the future of shipping. We have created a robotic shipping platform which is both unmanned and carbon neutral. As well as delivering traditional survey services, our fleet can transport goods from shore to shore in a highly  safe and sustainable manner.

All of our robots have been designed with the ability operate as a shuttle service. We can operate in dangerous and harsh environments without risking lives. The robotic ships themselves can also be rapidly transported by sea, air and land transport and has have been  specifically designed to ensure we can deploy and deliver to remote corners of the globe.

This represents a significant step change in the ocean transportation services.

Seabed Intelligence Data

We have pioneered a data portal that is focused on delivering the highest quality data to clients. We have an extensive library of data that has been obtained using our fleets of marine robots. This information is stored in our data centres located around the globe and is accessed via cloud technology. Our data portal removes the need to send any personnel offshore and can eliminate complex internal procurement processes as clients are able to buy data “off the shelf”.

The Seabed Intelligence data delivery service represents a major leap forward in rapidly providing the highest quality information right to your fingertips.

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