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Chief Vessel Operator -

The Armada Fleet will be the worlds largest and most sophisticated fleet of ultra low emissions robotic vessels ranging in size from 8 to 60+m. This role is to lead the safe and efficient operations of these robotic vessels. It will in the early stages require development of operating procedures, engagement with flag state authorities and classification societies, recruitment of operators, training and assurance of marine operations being ‘equivalent’ to conventional manned operations. Again, in the early stages of the business the role will require actual operations of the vessels (trials etc) but as the fleet and team grows the role will develop to more of an ongoing management, assurance of best practice and supervisory one.

The Armada fleet will be operated as part of the Ocean Infinity Group, a world leading provider of ocean data, search and recovery services. We are expanding in direct response to demand for our innovative technology led approach and this is likely to include development of new business models in sectors such as logistics.  You will be joining an exceptional team united in their passion for developing value for our clients through smart thinking and innovation. The work we do is varied, challenging, occasionally very high profile and always highly rewarding.


The responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Effective management of the vessel operations team focusing on safety and efficiency.
  • Planning, conduct and follow up of operations of the Armada system.
  • In conjunction with the existing QHSE team, take responsibility for risk assessments and then effective use of them to ensure safe conduct of operations.
  • Planning and support of operators in the remote operations centres.
  • Navigation of vessels in unmanned (and occasionally manned) modes when required.
  • Interface to office based survey team and field based support team.
  • Interface with sales and project management team to support current and future planning
  • Interface with client representatives as required.
  • Management and supervision of qualification, training and ongoing log/development process with HR.


Please note; Armada is a new business and capability, using cutting edge technology. The operations must evolve to be as efficient as possible and deliver what our customers need. The above list of responsibilities is a guide, we are recruiting people who are flexible, energetic and keen to make Armada a success. The roles will develop and we hope as a team to continually review our responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses and all develop.


Qualifications/Experience Required

A master mariner with extensive experience of operations in offshore energy and/or renewables operations. Qualifications to support operations of vessels from 8-60+m in length manned but with a strong appetite for the development of unmanned operations, procedures, training etc. The Chief Vessel Operator will be a strong leader for our maritime operator team, planning, recruiting, training, and managing the operators, supervisors and engineers. The Chief Vessel Operator will have strong technical and technology understanding and will be able to quickly learn and adapt to the challenges of unmanned operations and technology.  




DP experience

ISM management

ISPS management

Training / cadet program experience

Commercial experience of Profit and Loss, budgeting and basic financial controls

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