Our marine robots can transport your goods from shore to shore with zero people required at sea.

Our robotic ships have been designed with the ability to operate as a shuttle service. The best way to rapidly, safely and sustainably deliver goods across the globe.


Our robotic vessels use hybrid technology to offer a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and can produce as little as 1/10th of the emissions of a conventional ship and its crew. We can deliver your goods in the greenest way the industry has seen.


The Armada fleet is remotely operated via satellite communications from onshore control centres. This means that to operate the fleet, no personnel are required at sea. We can operate in dangerous and harsh environments without risking lives.


Designed to be easily transported by air and road to even the most remote locations on the planet, we rapidly react and respond to any situation. Not only can we get to site rapidly, but we deploy our robots and deliver your goods at an unprecedented speed.

Remote Reach

We can serve a wide variety of client needs even in the most remote locations. Our unmanned robots can be easily transported by sea, air and land transport. Each vessel has been specifically designed to ensure we can deploy our fleet anywhere on the globe.

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Safely completing detailed and precise mapping and surveys.

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Analysing seabed assets to provide accurate and detailed information.

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The best chance of finding what you are looking for.

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