Seabed Intelligence is our data portal that is focused on creating value for clients through innovative data delivery.

Seabed Intelligence quickly delivers high quality data to the decision maker in a structured format that exceeds industry standards.

A ground-breaking approach


Seabed Intelligence will enable access, on demand, to the highest quality reliable data offerings that enable you to select the data set most important to you. This interactive portal is a significant acceleration of the procurement process.

This ground-breaking approach reduces the need to send personnel offshore and eliminates significant time and cost associated with internal procurement processes.

Innovative Data Delivery


Our client led approach means that we gather data in the locations that it is most needed. The highest quality data is obtained efficiently with our fleet of AUV’s and then beamed to shore either through satellite or secure land transport.

It is then housed in one of our secure technology centres in Austin, Texas and Southampton, UK. Clients are able to access the data they want when they want using cloud technology, through the Seabed Intelligence Portal.

The Seabed Intelligence data delivery service is a major leap forward in providing the highest quality information in the safest, efficient and fastest way possible.


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