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Ocean Infinity and Kraken Robotics Inc. have finalized the MOU on a strategic alliance

Ocean Infinity and Kraken Robotics Inc. have finalized the MOU on a strategic alliance. CEO of Ocean Infinity Oliver Plunkett commented; “Great to be expanding our relationship with Kraken.  We’re very excited to establish a presence in Canada and continue to work with clients in the region.”

Completion of Strategic Alliance MOU with Ocean Infinity

Kraken has completed and signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding a strategic alliance with Ocean Infinity for maritime robotics technology, products, and services. The MOU establishes a collaborative arrangement, pursuant to which Kraken will become a strategic partner to Ocean Infinity. This may include the future supply of additional sensors, components, software, and systems as well as R&D and innovation support in areas such as data analytics and machine learning. Over time, the companies may enter into a series of project-specific agreements to engage in innovative development and other commercialization activities.

State of the Art Seabed Mapping Technology to be Demonstrated in Atlantic Canada

As part of our strategic alliance, Ocean Infinity is planning to deploy deep-sea capable survey assets to the east coast of Canada this fall.  These assets will consist of a support ship, two 6000m rated AUVs equipped with Kraken’s AquaPix® SAS sonar technology and two 6000m rated work class ROVs that will be fitted with Kraken’s SeaVision® 3D underwater laser imaging system.  While in the region Kraken plans to organize a variety of deep sea survey campaigns in various market sectors including oil and gas, hydrography, ocean research, fisheries, and defense. Kraken will provide a technical briefing on July 18 and July 19 in Halifax and St. John’s to provide an overview of this technology and the benefits it can provide for the Ocean Supercluster community.

Ocean Infinity to Have Ongoing Presence at COVE with Kraken

Ocean Infinity will have office space with Kraken at the newly opened Center for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. COVE is a collaborative facility for applied innovation in the ocean sector.

In addition, Kraken and Ocean Infinity will host workshops in Halifax and St. John’s in July for members of the Ocean Supercluster to provide an overview of its state of the art seabed mapping technology that will be available in Atlantic Canada for 6 weeks starting in September 2018.