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MH370 Search Weekly Report 7

Operational search key developments weekly updates #7;

Key Developments

  • All available AUVs were launched for the search operation
  • The vessel has completed surveying Northern Leg Area of Site 1/Area 01, 02 & 03 and currently surveying Southern Leg of Site 1/Area 02
  • Seabed Constructor is expected to depart the search area for Fremantle later this week for a technical crew change, refueling and resupplies
  • Earlier during the underwater search operations, an ROV was damaged and a decision was made to ‘wet store’ the ROV to minimize disruption to search operations. Seabed Constructor will recover this ROV en route to Fremantle port.
  • Weather and sea condition were favorable for the search operations and Seabed Constructor made good progress over the past week.
  • The total area covered as of 11 March 2018 is 24,000 square kilometers
  • No significant contacts identified to date

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