Environmental and Social Responsibility

We are using innovative technology to transform operations at sea, to enable people and the planet to thrive.

Our marine robotic technology is transforming operations at sea by offering a greener, smarter and safer solution. This is a major breakthrough for the maritime industry globally. However, this is only the beginning of our journey. We are a business that is driven by people, planet, and profit, and we have set ourselves ambitious targets to ensure that we protect people and the planet today and into the future.

All of our environmental and social goals align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We are joining the call for action by all countries to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.

Net zero carbon

by 2040

We are committed to being net zero carbon across the entire business by 2040, and making all direct business activities carbon neutral by 2027. Our pathway to net zero carbon will be achieved by making:

  1. All scope 2 emissions carbon neutral by 2023. We will achieve this by ensuring that all offices and control centres are powered by renewable energy,
  2. All scope 1 emissions carbon neutral by 2027. This includes all company owned vessels and will be achieved by reducing the conventional vessels and transitioning to battery and ammonia powered robotic ships.
  3. All scope three emissions carbon neutral by 2040. We will achieve this by reducing consumption of, and therefore emissions from, business travel, commuting, transportation and distribution, and fuel related activities.

Our targets have been set in line with the 1.5 degree pathway and science based targets. Our approach is to first and foremost reduce any emissions across the entire business. Where we cannot remove emissions from our activities entirely, we will harness the power of emerging technology to find green solutions to the challenges that we face. As a final step and last resort, any remaining emissions we cannot completely remove will be captured through land and ocean based reforestation schemes.

Zero waste to landfill

by 2025

We are committed to becoming a zero waste to landfill company by 2025. Creating a circular economy will lead to a reduced carbon footprint, increased sustainability, and minimise impacts on species and habitats through pollution/ littering. Our general approach to reducing our consumption and waste is to start by carefully thinking about what we are buying, whether we need it and what the life cycle of the product is. We will also be harnessing the power of ground-breaking waste technology and environmentally responsible waste management systems.

A lot of the waste on landfill sites spills into the ocean, causing pollution of our waters and harming the marine life that inhabits it. Many of the materials that end up as waste also contain toxic substances, which overtime leach into our soil and groundwater. Landfill sites also emit a huge amount of carbon dioxide and methane. These sites are very damaging to the planet and will always remain a major environmental hazard unless we reduce consumption and embrace new, innovative ways of handling waste.

Protect our oceans

and the life that inhabits them

We are taking positive action to protect the oceans ecosystem and life that exists under the water. The ocean has absorbed 25% of all carbon dioxide and captured 90% of additional heat generated from greenhouse gases. It is crucial for the global climate system and planetary health.

Our work will span projects aimed at protecting marine mammals, donating data to science wherever we can and engaging in ocean restoration programmes. For example, we are excited to be working with the team at Project Seagrass to help mechanise seagrass restoration in the hope to scale up planting across the UK coastlines. We believe that cross-sector partnership is essential is creating a better planet for all. One of our guiding principles has always been to consult and collaborate with different groups of individuals to achieve our desired outcomes. We will continue to work with charities, NGOs, academics and other businesses to advance environmental awareness.

Close the gender pay gap

by 2025

We lead from the front in all that we do, including building the best possible workforce. As we continue to break industry boundaries, we will strive to employ excellent women and men to continue to lead us. We are actively seeking to create more opportunities for women in leadership roles and STEM positions. We believe that diversifying the marine industry will mean that creativity and collaboration thrive, creating a happier and more successful team.

We have set ourselves some goals to ensure that our gender pay gap is closed by 2025. We aim to have more than 40% women in leadership roles by 2025, attract more women into STEM roles, and continue to create an inclusive work environment for all.

Inspire the next

generation of thinkers

We passionately believe that as we lead the way in developing a more innovative and sustainable approach towards the marine industry, we have a responsibility to educate and inspire the next generation to learn and connect with our oceans. At Ocean Infinity, we know that information is the key to transformation and ensure that the insights gained are shared with academics and institutions to empower change.

We’ve set ourselves a number of targets: to take part and engage with industry led competitions for students, create internship and apprenticeship programmes and continue to expand educational partnerships. We believe that we can play our part in paving the way to a greener future for the industry and ensuring that the next generation are engaged and inspired as we enable change.

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