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The Armada fleet

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The Armada fleet are the world’s safest marine robots. Ocean Infinity is committed to the highest possible safety standards across its business. Always looking to find ways to innovate and break down barriers and industry norms, Ocean Infinity’s Armada will break new ground in terms of the safety of its operations.

How Ocean Infinity Helped

Armada’s fleet requires neither people on board nor a host vessel nearby, completely removing people out of harm’s way – a huge step for the industry. Instead, the fleet will be controlled and operated by experienced mariners via satellite communications from state of the art onshore facilities in both Austin (Texas) and Southampton (England). With zero people required at sea Armada operations are set to be the safest the industry has seen.

This landmark achievement is testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Ocean Infinity team, always looking to find new ways to make sure it is at the forefront within the industry. Armada’s world leading safety standards are yet another example of a pioneering team, looking to set the bar high in every aspect of operations. Armada’s operations are not only adhering to industry standards, they are setting them.

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