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Ocean Infinity partner with Reach The World

to bring the oceans to classrooms

At Ocean Infinity, we believe that we all have a responsibility to educate everyone, especially the next generation, on why it is important to use cutting edge technology to operate more sustainably, efficiently, and safely.

How Ocean Infinity Helped

This is why Ocean Infinity are excited to partner with Reach the World to share what we do with classrooms across the globe. Reach the World is an amazing organisation that connects classrooms across America with travellers around the world via virtual learning. They have been leaders in the virtual exchange field for more than 20 years, and we are delighted to partner with such an organisation.

The main aim of working with Reach the World is to provide students across the US insights into what it is like to operate marine robots in our oceans. There have been a number of initiatives recently where we’ve worked in partnership, to achieve this.

Last year Ocean Infinity participated in the Weddell Sea Expedition, a pioneering Antarctica expedition, and connected with classrooms across Northern America to educate and inspire the next generation. Members of the Ocean Infinity team were able to share their stories and answer question on their experiences of their Weddell Sea adventure. Furthermore, Ocean Infinity CEO Oliver Plunkett and Managing Director Daniel Hook also spoke virtually with school pupils across the US about Armada, the fleet of low-emission marine robots that is taking ocean exploration to new, tech-enhanced levels.

We are committed to sharing our insights with the next generation, in order that they might one day be at the heart of working in marine robotics, or leading the way in another innovative industry. We look forward to sharing many more of our insights and stories and we continue this fantastic partnership with Reach The World.

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