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Ocean Infinity Pioneers Advanced AUV Battery Technology. Ocean Infinity prides itself its innovation, always looking to push the boundaries on what is possible. This was exemplified by recently reaching a significant milestone in battery technology for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs).

How Ocean Infinity Helped

The industry-leading technology was tested following 18 months of research, development and trials, which was aimed at improving the safety, efficiency, and quality of AUV operations. The work was carried out in partnership with Kraken Robotics, the leading marine technology company dedicated to the production and sale of software-centric sensors, pressure tolerant batteries, underwater robotic systems and data analytics as a service.

Ocean Infinity’s 6000m pressure tolerant batteries enable greater endurance and efficiency of its HUGIN AUVs, enabling missions to be conducted across a period of more than four days without a battery change.

The technology, partnered with Ocean Infinity’s multi-AUV operation, also increases the possible survey range to nearly 700 kilometres per AUV, providing the industry with a revolutionary survey platform offering.

This new technology was a milestone achievement – effectively doubling the vehicles’ endurance and capacity to collect data in a single deployment. Deploying the technology, Ocean Infinity was able to reduce launch and recovery operations by 50% and in turn provide a safer, more efficient, and more weather tolerant operation. Combining this technology with proven multi-AUV operation offers an unprecedented deep-water data acquisition and survey platform with nearly 700 km of range per AUV.

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